A Scagnetti & Sortino Concept

Two Families…Two Countries…Two Friends…

Two Italian families immigrated to this country in search of a better life, Alexander Scagnetti from Codroipo in Northern Italy in 1904 and Michele Sortino from Modica, Sicily in 1952. These men never knew each other, but their families would meet and form a lasting friendship based on mutual respect and an entrepreneurial spirit. George Sortino, son of Michele, and Lynn Middleswarth, husband to Alexander Scagnetti’s granddaughter, have created a strong bond over the years and both share a love of cooking.

The Sortino Brothers have been bringing authentic Sicilian cooking to Sandusky, Ohio since 1952. Their family ristorante, Sortino’s Little Italy, has become a local favorite serving up dishes using recipes passed down from generation to generation. Both George and his brother James have first-hand experience using brick ovens in their homes. They felt the community also needed a restaurant which offered the unique flavor and texture this cooking technique brings to food. The Middleswarth family accepted the challenge and, reminiscent of old Italy, The Brick Oven Bistro was born. With a combination of traditional northern Italian and Sicilian taste, George and Lynn created a menu of appetizers, delectable sandwiches and gourmet pizzas which are fired in our brick oven. Youngest son, Shane, transformed the old Howard Johnson’s into a cozy, Italian eatery, while his older brothers, Benjamin and Geoffrey, see to the daily operations. It truly is a family affair. Come join our families, from Italy to the USA…we welcome you not only as patrons, but as friends. Salute!